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Wednesday, 21 February 2007

manage heart for women


Yours soybean cake of story about a young man becoming king? where a young man struggle to defeat giant to save a princess, inviting by him, he scrap strong and heroic stoutly with weapon and science which he have, after safing later;then he is later;then married with princess, which is on finally he become king.

A classic story isn’t?, but do u know hereinafter this story?

when becoming king, is later;then happened by an riot masterminded by a very enchanter of strong, when this king will put to rout the criminal is he is given by and advises of using new wapon plus what must be done to defeat that enchanter by its wife.
Then what that happened?
The king fail in war fight against that enchanter. Is because?

In the reality bounce and king spirit to put to rout that magic which there no, why cannot there is?

Yours soybean cake of its clan of shinta?; in fact a young man (men special) if given by trust by woman he will run in full force which he have, but when he have to conduct this and that according to its wife version, before battling its liver have down drop / fall first, the young man do not take delight in that thing is, this is especial factor which cause he fail. Its something else is to give ordinary what is he use and require, without having to be governed, attention like that making proud it.

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